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SqrSyn Export

Recently I read a review for SquareSynth where the user was confused by the audio export options. I’d just like to address this question here (since Apple doesn’t provide a way to respond to App Store reviews). When you tap the Export button in SquareSynth two things happen, the audio is copied to the clipboard, and shared with iTunes.


How the clipboard works is that SquareSynth copies a stereo wav file on to the clipboard. You then would go into another app and paste it, but there’s a caveat; not all apps support audio paste. When another app tries to use the data on the clipboard, it looks at the type of the data on the clipboard. If it recognizes the type as something it knows how to use, it will do so. Otherwise it will just do nothing.

So, to copy wav data from SquareSynth to another app, using the clipboard, you first tap the Export button in the Record overlay.

the button is in here

Now you switch to another app that knows how to use wav data from the clipboard. I recommend AudioShare! Here’s two lists of apps which support it:



These apps will have an Audio Paste option for you to use (consult the manuals). The clipboard will hold your audio until you copy something else.

File Sharing

The other thing that happens when you hit the Export button is a wav gets shared with iTunes (for your Mac/PC). To access this file:

◦ Connect your iDevice to your Mac/PC.

◦ Go to the “Apps” section

◦ Locate the File Sharing area at the bottom of the page.

◦ Locate SquareSynth in the list of File Sharing apps, and click it.

◦ You will see your file in SquareSynth Documents list. Drag it to your desktop, or use the Save To… button.