Squaresynth – Synthesizer and 8bit/chiptune music maker

SquareSynth is an app for iPhone and iPad. It revives the classic sound of the NES, while adding modern synth capabilities. Use wave-table patterns to create percussion, leads, arpeggios, and glitchy noise.

Join the micro-revolution.

• Authentic 8-bit Sounds.

• Looping wave recorder.

• Audiobus 2 Input / State Saving.

• Multitimbral — Control multiple 5-voice instruments via MIDI.

• iTunes and Clipboard export.

• Pulse, Triangle, Short Noise, and Long Noise waveform types.

• Glide, Full Pulse width modulation, and Vibrato.

• Control Pitch, Wave-type, and Pulse width, via instrument table.

Audiobus Compatible



Sound Demo:

Check out this review by Doug at thesoundtestroom (the app now has an iPad version):