New Software in Progress

Last summer, I began working on a new iPhone app. I had in mind a complete solution for writing songs on your iPhone. I was looking for a layout and flow that let the user move quickly and focus on composing. It turns out that type of flow has a name — it’s called flow! Flow is a concept proposed by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, which describes a state of intense absorption in an activity, such as writing music. All self-awareness falls away, and the activity of composing music becomes effortless. There is a study that was conducted, which attempted to measure which types of software can facilitate flow. It was found that a key component in achieving this state is a tight edit-audition cycle.

Trackers were found to be superior to traditional DAW sequencers in this regard (among others). That’s why I chose to build a tracker for iOS music composition. Less fiddling with piano rolls; more editing and listening. Windows are also a problem. Time spent managing Windows is time spent losing your inspiration.

All of this is to say, I’m building a tracker for iOS, and it rocks. It’s too early to post a lot of details, but as I approach a finished product, I’ll post some updates.


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