Keyboard bug

Update 10/3/14: The bug is fixed! Enjoy the update.

Update 10/6/14:  It seems there are a few more bugs in the iOS 7 for iPad version, an update has been issued, and should arrive within a week or so. 

It has come to my attention there is a bug in SquareSynth where you can’t see the keyboard in iOS 7, on an iPad. My apologies to those of you with iPads and iOS 7. I have fixed the bug, and the update will be available ASAP. The bug is not present in iOS 8, so if you upgrade you’ll be a-OK. But a fix will be out soon for those who don’t. If you haven’t upgraded to 2.0.2 on your iPad with iOS 7 yet, dont! Wait for 2.0.3, which will arrive shortly. Thanks for your patience!!!


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