1. Chris

    Hey! I’ve just got a copy of it, and its sooooooo cool!
    But I was wondering… will you add a sequencer and audiobus compatibility?
    I think that’s pretty much all I miss…

    • jnapps

      Hey Chris, thanks! I am planning on adding coremidi, which will let you use other apps as sequencers. I’m looking into audiobus.

      • Chris W. Gray

        Thanks for the superfast response.
        Right now I don’t know how Coremidi works [I’ll have to read about it], but I think -if it’s not a load of work- that a step sequencer and a piano roll should be nice. On the other hand, I know this is a synth not a DAW, so if it’s not add in future releases, I really wont be bothered.

        Anyway, thanks for your work, this is amazing!

      • jnapps

        It’s really simple to use coremidi. There are a ton of compatible sequencer/daw apps. Basically the goal is to make an app which is like a VST. It can be triggered from outside, recorded, and put into a song. Audiobus + Coremidi would make it completely on par with a VST.

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